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Alternative Investment Fund

Welcome to an investment that is actually worth it.



How Does it Work ?

This is one of the most transparent investments out there, if not the most transparent.

Simple explanation of how it works :

  • You register and fund your account with how much you want

  • We manage the funds and you earn 10 to 15% per month

  • You can either withdraw your monthly earnings or compound on account

  • You can withdraw your capital and profits at any time

More Technical Explanation

Quberg Mountain focuses on perfectly executed trades, that minimizes risk and maximizes profits.
Details of Quberg Mountain Fund


  • Trading the following Major Forex Currencies (Eur, GBP, USD, JPY, AUD, NZD and CAD).

  • Technical and fundamental trading only.

  • Investment minimum R5000 upwards.

  • Investment has no maximum amount.

  • Investment is done in ZAR – South African Rand

  • For the optimal return on invest we recommend staying with the fund for a period greater than 12 months.

  • Return 10-25% per month.

  • This product is for everyone. Affordable entry point allowing you to grow.

  • Profit Sharing already included when you view on your dashboard. The amount shown is the amount you will be receiving.

Example Of Potential Earnings

Video Representation

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