RQ Forex Empire

Forex Empire was started by two young men that had a drive to be successful and would stop at nothing to achieve it. We had business ideas and knew they would work but could never get any business running because we didn’t have the funds. We started forex so we could become financially independent and also have the funds to start our other business.

What We Offer

Our Forex Seminars take you from 
" I don't know what Forex is " 
" I actually know what is is and how it works. I also know how to trade it now "
The Advance Course will make you say
"I don't think there is anything I don't know about Forex" 
and you will think
" I have all the right tools and knowledge to make it.
So lets make it happen "
This is for one of 2 people
"I want to see how their setups and breakdowns look" 
" I just need that little bit extra knowledge for confirmation"

Full Information

Full Information

Full Information

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